Recap of Sept Oct Nov 2016 AUX Meetings

Rob Bonack - 1/15/2017

With 18 sisters in attendance, President Van Wychen brought the September meeting to order reminding us that we will be reviewing our standing rules, budget and donations in the coming months. Treasurer Smits reported that proceeds from our previous rummage sales (in the amount of $1,000.00) were forward to the Old Glory Honor Flight program – financing the trips for Post Comrades Russell Gerritts and Gene Randerson to Washington D.C. The September door prized was won by Jenny Rice but "Tootie” Wittmann was not present for the attendance prize.




President Van Wychen brought the October meeting to order with 15 sisters present. Upon reviewing the treasurer’s report on available funds, donations were approved for the Lillian Campbell and Frank Brown scholarships along with the Emergency Disaster Fund. The door prize was awarded to Cathy Vander Logt and Sister Evie Hug lost out on the attendance prize.


District 8 President Linda Moran and 12 sisters were in attendance when President Van Wychen’s gavel brought the November meeting to order. Not only did Judy Vande Wettering (wife of Wimp Vande Wettering) attend as a guest but left as our newest auxiliary sister. President Van Wychen reminded us that President Moran was there to conduct our annual inspection and we "are good to go” for another year. Patriotic Instructor Court reported that along with her husband Vern and our own Jennifer Bonack, visits were made to the second-graders at St. Peter and St. Nicholas schools. Sister Planert collected the door prize, but Sister Rohm was not present to collect the attendance prize.