Highway 32 - "Red Arrow" Highway

Rob Bonack - 1/15/2017

The 32nd Division, formed on July 18, 1917 of National Guard troops from Wisconsin and Michigan, fought and won many difficult battles, especially in World War I. Officially it was the 32nd Division; to the people of Michigan and Wisconsin it was the Red Arrow Division, and to the French who fought alongside these mid-western Americans, they were known as 'Les Terribles’.  In order to honor those men who fought as a part of the 32nd Division, thousands of whom never returned to Wisconsin, South 32 was designated in honor of them, and the division's logo, the 'Red Arrow,' is placed on each and every South 32 sign in the state, from Illinois to Michigan.  The United States flag, the Wisconsin state flag, the POW/MIA flag, the United States Army flag, and the Red Arrow Division are placed at each end of the state by the VFW Auxiliary.